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Companion Animal Keeper Licence With this licence you can keep only one native bird as a pet that has been bred in captivity. If you want to buy and keep more than one native bird you will need to change to a Native Animal Keeper Licence.. Page 3 Companion Animals and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 [NSW] Explanatory note (h) Proposed section 11I provides for the making of an application for a permit.).

Companion Animals Management Plan The Companion Animals Breeding Practices (CABP) Joint Select Committee was established in May 2015 at the request of the Minister for Primary Industries, to review and investigate companion animal breeding practices in NSW.. SHEET Barking Dogs . The NSW Companion Animals Act defines nuisance barking as a dog that makes a noise, by barking or otherwise, that persistently occurs or continues to such a degree or extent that it unreasonably interferes with the peace, comfort or convenience of any person in any other premises. FACT SHEET What will Council do about a persistent barking dog? A nuisance barking …. The NSW Companion Animals Act 17 . The NSW Companion Animals Act replaces the old Dog Act and regulates the ownership and control of dogs in NSW. any changes to the identification and registration The Act is a state law that is administered by your local Council and is designed to ensure the welfare of animals, their owners, the community at large and the environment. The Act promotes.


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Regulatory Services A working dog is defined in the Companion Animals Act as a dog used primarily for the purpose of droving, tending, working or protecting stock, and includes a dog which is being trained as a working dog.. Kempsey Shire Council Companion Animals Management Plan Page 1 of 16 PART 1: STRATEGIC FRAMEWORK 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Local Companion Animal Management Plan The Companion Animals Act 1998 introduced changes to the way dogs were managed by local authorities and for the first time, introduced controls over domestic cats. The principal objective of this Act is to provide for …).

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Companion Animals and Other In NSW there appears to be a clear distinction between a “companion animal” registered with a local council and an “assistance animal” referred to Section 9 of the Disability Discrimination Act, 1992 of the Commonwealth (the latter being protected under the new strata legislation and broader than hearing/seeing dogs and to assist persons with disabilities).. Companion Animals Act Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 - Section 217 Clause 1 (f) Statement of activities relating to enforcing and ensuring compliance with the Companion Animals Act and Regulation including information on:.

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Regulatory Services The introduction of the Companion Animals Act in NSW has changed the way animals are managed by local authorities, and has for the first time introduced controls over domestic cats.. NSW Companion Animals Register CHANGE OF OWNER / DETAILS FORM C3A This form is to be used by owners of dogs and cats when the animal is sold or given to a new owner. The Companion Animals Act 1998 requires that any change of owner of an animal must be notifi ed within 14 days of the change. This is necessary even if the animal is moving out of NSW. This form must be signed …).

companion animals act nsw pdf

PERMANENT IDENTIFICATION FORM P1A City of Newcastle. NSW Companion Animal Register. Background Anecdotal evidence suggests that there are a large number of companion animals that are not microchipped or lifetime registered within the Wentworth Shire Community. The management of companion animals is highly dependent on the animals being properly identified. Identification also leads to the ability to return the animals and for the owners to …. NSW legislation covers the responsibilities of the owners of companion animals, such as cats and dogs. The aim is to protect the rights of animals and their owners and consider the rights and needs of others in the community..